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I began my journey with CSC Atlanta after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Many of us have the support of family and close friends, but it is especially meaningful, and helpful, to meet with others who truly understand the fear and emotional ups and downs that are associated with cancer.

Following my bilateral mastectomy and recovery, I found myself consumed with worry, and I was looking for support. I'm so thankful to have discovered CSC Atlanta! I loved it so much that I started volunteering and now serve as the volunteer coordinator and an orientation leader for newcomers, and I continue to take advantage of the wonderful programs.

My passion for CSC Atlanta is based on what I see happening here time and time again.  To be able to walk into a warm and inviting environment filled with people who have a strong “common denominator” is priceless. For many, it is difficult to walk in our door for the first time. It is such a privilege for me to be able to sit down with them and share the many wonderful areas of support we have to offer. 

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In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and saw a brochure for CSC Atlanta in my oncologist’s office. It is such an uplifting and happy place, and I feel so fortunate to have found it. There is a unique camaraderie among the people here. 

When I first became a member, I started with the evening Yoga classes and Breast Cancer Support Group. I also attended the Survivorship Series, which was invaluable in helping me return to a normal existence after chemo, surgery, and radiation. In 2013, I started attending programs even more frequently. I have to pace myself because there are so many that I want to attend! Right now I’m focused on the exercise classes. All of the instructors are compassionate and sensitive to our needs, yet still challenge me at my own pace. It’s individualized instruction that you cannot find in a regular gym – the kind we need for our restrictions. I consistently see improvements in my balance, flexibility, energy, and my mental and emotional health. It really says something when you get a good feeling just by walking through the door, and then feel fantastic when you leave.  

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I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2007, and I’m blessed to still be going strong! I discovered CSC Atlanta from a brochure in my oncologist’s office. When I first came to the New Member Orientation, I was primarily with people with Breast and Cervical Cancer, and I said, “What am I doing here?” I questioned whether I would benefit since Myeloma is such a different and rare cancer. A friend encouraged me to try some programs, and I’m so glad I did!

This place is not about what type of cancer you have – it’s about all of us facing cancer together. It’s bigger than just your own journey. Here, you are making the journey together, sharing in a bond that makes all of us stronger. I love coming here because I’m always connecting with someone new – someone who’s seen days just like I have. I take advantage of almost all of the cooking demonstrations. I collect every recipe, and enjoy tweaking them to make them my own. The education programs that feature visiting psychologists, pharmacists, and attorneys are always valuable. It’s fun to attend the movie nights and the special programs from Spruill Center for the Arts. And I’ve recently started attending the Survivorship Series. There is always a new and exciting program to mix things up, and I say keep ‘em coming!